hello  you !

Have you ever dreamed of having your own business ?

Do you want to be able to manage your days as you’d like? To no longer have a boss? Or simply to have a complementary income so you can buy something special and to be more comfortable in the bank come the end of the month? Nu Generation business is a network of freelance entrepreneurs, who can help you create a business from your phone! No matter your reasons for joining our team, if you want a small side business or a new profession you are supported by a solid and innovative company, based in 50 countries around the world and has existed since 1984.

Do you know this object?

The brand that Nu Generation works with puts at our disposal over 250 products that win numerous international awards every year. There is everything you can find in your bathroom. Simply choose and use the products that correspond to YOU and that are adapted to YOUR needs. You can tailor your own business choosing from the 250 quality products to your own and those around you’s needs and wants.

What did you do this morning ?

Like everyone else today you probably had a shower, brushed your teeth, checked Facebook and saw photos with captions about things like ‘the aperitif at the new restaurant’ being recommended by one of your friends or maybe you decided to buy a pair of shoes online from Zalando that you had seen on a colleague’s Instagram…

Welcome in the era of global sharing of personal experiences and of e-commerce!


Kate Moss is now 46 years old, and has stopped licking ice cream in the magazines to sell lipsticks that she’s neither bought nor ever used... Now Kendall Jenner, the little one from the Kardashians endorse on social media as well as your best friend, who spontaneously promotes the cosmetics that she uses and adores.


We all work from our phone (you have understood our #Hashtag) and as you know, everything takes place on the Internet.

With the brand your business can access 50 countries around the world without you having to leave the house. You don't even handle any of the stock if you don’t want to, you can do the business through the internet.

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To know the BRAND and the Products you will need a password. 

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