1. By developing your network of customers who, doing as you do, use the products.

There are more than 250 products: theres everything that you can find in your bathroom for your personal care. You are free to carry out your business as you wish: by recommending the products on social media, by word of mouth or through beauty workshop or why not both! We aren't simple retailers nor representative’s. We are simply consumers convinced of the quality of the products we use and we talk about them as we talk about the last restaurant we liked or the last Netflix series that we loved.

2. By developing our network of distributors ...

Who want a complementary income or get themselves free and independent from the 9 to 5. As with the products, we talk about the business naturally because we are convinced that it allows us to live the life that we ​​want.


This activity is accessible to ALL; you can undertake it regardless of your professional experience, your gender or age, provided you are 18. No experience is required to start because you will be prepared from A to Z thanks to our training available 24/7. There are no obligations: you choose how much time you want to dedicate to it according to YOUR goals.


  • Registration and online training are free and you can stop whenever you want!
  • Unbound: neither in duration nor in sales volume. Each person evolves at their own pace.
  • You benefit from wholesale prices on all products.
  • You earn 30% margin on every product sold AND a commission that varies from 5 - 40% on the turnover of YOUR team.
  • It is not necessary to manage stocks.
To know the BRAND and the products you need a password.

Ask the person who told you about the site or fill out the form below to receive the password.

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